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  1. Technology is changing the way 
    we manage our health.

    As a patient, consumer, or caregiver, this transformation will enhance both your relationships with your health care providers and their relationships with each other. That change can help to place you at the center of your care — putting the “I” in health IT.

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  2. I beat cancer so I could 
    dance with my daughter 
    at her wedding.”

    — Dave deBronkart,
    Stage IV Kidney Cancer Survivor

    Father dancing with daughter
  3. I no longer have to fill out the 
    same forms again and again.”

    Health IT can free you to focus on your family’s health instead of the everyday hassles of managing your health care.

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  4. Blue Button: 
    Giving You Access To Your 
    Health Data

    Learn about an easy, electronic way to access your health information online.

    Health data's Blue Button
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Benefits of Health IT

Over the past 20 years, our nation has undergone an extraordinary transformation due to information technology (IT). Until now, relatively few Americans have had the opportunity to use this kind of technology to enhance some of the most important relationships: those related to their health.

Learn how Health IT can improve health care for you, your family, and your community.

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Privacy and Security

If your health information is sent or used electronically, it's important that you trust the systems that protect it. Federal law specifies the steps your doctors, insurers, and others must take to keep your health information private and secure.

Learn more about health information privacy and security

Blue Button: Download My Data

Get Your Medical Records Through Blue Button

Blue Button is a secure way for you—as an individual consumer—to get your medical information electronically. Having your health information gives you the ability to check the accuracy of your records, share it with your doctor or someone else you trust, and reference it for the exact date of a lab test or shot.

Learn More About the Blue Button

Lilliane and kids

“I Want My Kids to Have the Best Care”

Lilianne Wright, upon hiking in the Grand Canyon, suffered from severe stages of diabetic ketoacidosis, which brought her to the brink of death. Ms. Wright recovered, but found that managing her disease was and still is complicated, because her doctors can’t easily share her medical records. Today, her two children are reaping the benefits of EHRs.

Read her story

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Create a video that shares how you use information technology to help manage healthcare for a loved one.

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